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    How do you list you records? Or do you list them at all?

    I started listing my records in an excel-sheet, when my collection was quite small, about 100 pieces. Besides Artist and album, I list everything about the record (year of issue, year of re-issue, gatefold cover, lyrics, inserts, running time, catalogue number, record label and distributor etc.) and also how much I paid for it, were I bought it, and each record gets an archive number.

    The listing is splitted in the different formats, one sheet for each: LP vinyl, 7inch singles, 12inch singles, CDs, single CDs, DVDs, MCs

    Once I started also a list of all songs with songwriter, running time and on which releases they appear, but that turned out to be a real overload of work, so I stopped it very soon.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2009
    In the 70's, I had a notebook (a paper one, not a computer;-))) ), where I wrote down all the records I bought, but just the name of the musician and the album title. I still have it somewhere.
    Some time in the late 80s, I transferred it to a Multiplan file, an early spread sheet program, before Excel days. Still it had only artist and album names.
    Then, in mid 90s, I built myself a Quattro-Pro application, with entry forms and even searches. This one already included media type, catalog numbers, date of release. In late 90s, the data base got corrupted somehow. So instead of trying to repair it, I built an MS Access application, again with forms. Since I was not buying LPs anymore, I made a data base only for CDs. Used it several years, but stopped updating it one day;-))) When I started seriously collecting Heep again, including vinyls and memorabilia, after a while I decided to make a list of the Heep collection. Didn't had the peace of mind on building an application, so I just used an Excel sheet. That's what I basically have now. The sheet includes now also the condition of the items, some notes, country of release, and the price I paid for it. There are 3 sheets, one for vinyls, one for cds, and one for memorabilia.
    I do think of making an Access application, which will include all the relevant information. I'm just too lazy to do it;-)))
    If I'll make something, I'll share it with you all. Bare in mind, it's not my occupation to make data bases, so ut won't be too professional;-)))

    Dave White offered to make an SQL data base for the site, but since we're not sure yet how do we want it, it's on hold. Maybe it will materialize one day.

    I also downloaded several music catalog programs from the web. But somehow none of them look quite good enough for what I have in mind. And it's practically impossible to load in an existing data base, like my Excel, so there's too much work needed to basically manually input all the data.