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    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2009
    Take a look at this one,

    No way I'm going to pay 85 bucks for a single, even if it's red;-)))
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2009
    Here's some more some of you might be interested in;-)))

    URIAH HEEP - Look at Yourself Japanese Tin Can
    Thanks, somehow I missed the last two. I bid on Lone Star, and sent a question about the tin can (I want to bid on it as well), but the listing states they don't accept paypal. So, I am waiting on an answer - I hope my German is not too rusty!

    Funny thing is, I DO NOT like vinyls, and will buy CDs before vinyls. Before you all yell "blasphemy" it's simply because they are heavy and bulky and since I have moved a lot, I tend not to buy them. Heep and related is the exception.
    I am not going to bid on the tin, I don't think they ship to where I am - so if someone else wants it (Iain?) go ahead.

    PS: I received a nice response from the seller today, but will pass on this item nonetheless.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2009
    Thanks Rita but I have to stop buying things at the moment. Really need every penny at the moment for general things.

    I have however bought some more 70's Heep cuttings after offering the seller a reasonable price instead of what they actually wanted and last night I bought both the Gods album on CD with bonus tracks. I had the 2 on 1 release but not the bonus tracks. The purse strings are now shut tight for the forseeeable future ;-(