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    Well, there are quite a lots of bands, which have or had an (or sometimes more) ex-member of heep on their payroll, but only for a certain period of the band. Asia, Lucifer's Friend, Manfred Mann's Earthband for example. Do you collect all the stuff, with and without the Heep-relation or do you have records of those bands only due to the Heep-members?

    I have been listening to many bands with a period of Heep-relation long before I was really into Heep and related collecting. So my collection of some bands contains much more than only the heepy stuff. Not only because a collector is addicted and needs all records from a certain band, but because I really like the music.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2009
    Must you make everything Heep related, mr. Monster?;-)))
    I'm not collecting other bands in a sense of collecting. I do have many albums by others, for listening;-)))
    I had stuff by MMEB and Wishbone Ash before they became Heep related. I bought Asia's first because it was a well advertised, without even knowing that Wetton is on it. I bought their other albums because I liked it at the time, not because of the Heep relation. Actually, you'll notice, that my Wetton collection is very small, the Asia albums, and a couple of KCs. For some reason, I don't collect Wetton stuff;-)))
    I started collecting LF because of Lawton. But I'm not going to collect any AC/DC because of Slade;-))) Not sure I would ever bought any Grand Prix or Praying Mantis without the Heep connection. But I bought some more Praying Mantis stuff because I liked it.
    That is a very good question. How does one draw the line? I am fairly new to this, so to collect everything would mean I would have to win the lottery (and I don't even play).

    I guess if it's rare I try to obtain it, the same goes for old things. I do have Heep related things I don't really like to listen to as far as the music goes, but have them because I found them.

    I agree on the Praying Mantis stuff, I like it as well. I guess John Sloman only sang 3 songs for them (but I could not name them all right now). I did not know for a while however that Bernie Shaw was involved with them as well (please correct me if I am wrong) but again, I have no idea which ones that may be.

    If you think about it too hard, this can become quite a science.

    As for Asia, when they came here to Richmond to play live, I went to see them solely because of John Wetton, even though he is not on top of my list as far as the Heep bassists go. (and yes I wore my Uriah Heep t-shirt to that concert as I did not have an Asia one lol)
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2009
    I definately collect other bands work because of the Heep connection. It was never a conscious decision to start a collection, it just seemed a natural progression after the Heep albums were bought. Curiosity is a wonderful thing and luckily because of that I discovered some amazing music. John Lawton being the jewel for me, I just love John's work with Heep or away from Heep.

    The majority of Heep's main players feature well in my collection. I have beggd and borrowed along the way so I have many copies which slowly but surely I replace with an official copy along the way. The lesser Heep connections are not well represented in official form but again I have by one way or another managed to gain copies of much of their material. These artists will be the last I attempt to find official replacements for but oneday I will succeed.

    I enjoy the whole Heep family connections but it's solely down to the fact that I discovered Heep first.
    Yes! I also have CDRs by lesser Heep connections which I plan on replacing over time. I prioritize it this way: My favorites and the more rare ones get replaced first andI work my way down from there.