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    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2009
    At first I was not a collector. I was just buying music for listening. First LP's, then CD's. I wasn't even considering compilations at the time. I probably would've buy some Heep memorabilia, if I would see it, but there were no such things in Israel;-))) I had some posters from magazines, but I didn't kept them, or any cuttings. I just gave it away one day to a friend's younger brother.
    My collecting started sometimes in early 2000's (2000, 2001, not sure) with an idea I had to cover a wall with all Heep album covers. For that I needed a second set of Heep albums, as I had no intention to use the one's I had. So, I slowly started accumulate Heep LPs. Then I decided to go back to listening to vinyl, and bought me a new turntable. That triggered the desire to get better sounding LPs. So I started to look for these. While searching for it, I of course encountered some other things. "Oh, that's a nice poster, let's get one", "it would be nice to have some Heep promo photos", "hey, a cover version of a Heep song, let's hear it", and so on;-))) Then I started searching for the Heep related stuff. And then it became a complete avalanche, programs, books, badges, cassettes, whatever. It completely sucked me in. I would sit in front of the computer, at 4 am, trying to bid on something, and then curse, and stick needles in the doll, of whomever outbid me, especially Egil;-))) Even at work, everyone new about my obsession.
    I mellowed a little bit lately, I don't curse anymore. Thou I still stick needles;-)))
    It all started with John Sloman's 13 Storeys. I was on ebay one day, before I was a Heep collector, to see if there was anything out there on John Sloman. When I searched his name, I found this CD called 13 Storeys. I had never heard of it, and at first thought it was some kind of scam or something. The price was low enough though to satisfy me, so I figured I give it a bid and see. Well, I was outbid by some guy from Israel and did not get the item at first! :-)

    A couple of days later, I got an e-mail through ebay saying there was another item available at the original price I bid. So, I paid. I waited several weeks - nothing happened. Since my money never got taken out of the account either, I just forgot about it.

    At that time (around my 38th birthday) I was moving and also changed e-mail addresses. Some more time passed, and I just happened to sign into my old e-mail address, just to clean it up.

    Lo and behold, there had been an e-mail in there for several weeks - sent by John's brother , who had conducted the auction (which I had not known at the time). He apologized for the delay in sending the CD because of illness and to make up for it, if I could wait until New Years, he would have John autograph it for me.

    Well, since the e-mail had been sitting there for several weeks I wasn't sure if my response would be well received. However, I replied, explained what had happened on my end and that I never replied because I was moving, and would love to have an autographed CD.

    Sure enough, it arrived sometime in January and that is when they finally took the money out, but they also sent me a second free copy! That is how it all began - blame John Sloman and his brother!
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2009
    So Rita, our passes crossed before, and we even crossed swords;-)))
    My 13 Storeys story is exactly like yours. Phil, if I'm not wrong is John's brother name, wrote me that if I'm willing to wait, he'll ask John to autograph it personally for me. And he also sent me two copies. You can see it here

    BTW, it looks like our copies have different artwork, compared to Iain's copy. I've seen Iain's photo of it. . Ha, an other item to look for;-)))
    Need to make the pages for Iain's Heep related stuff.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2009
    I think many have crossed swords with you and Egil whilst bidding on Ebay. I prefer to put down arms when I see your two names in battle, no sense in losing the war in one battle ;-))

    I suppose I must admit I am a collector but my intentions were never that way nor have I ever wanted to be classed as such. I just started out trying to catch up on a band who hold great memories for me as a child and teenager. I was never into music until I heard Heep and then after that nothing could compare to my ears. I formed a collection of Heep to satisfy my desire to get aquainted with all albums, many I didn't know existed until I discovered the internet.

    So here I am guilty as chaged, a Heep collector ;-))

    The 13 Storeys CD I have is not signed which is frustrating as I don't have John's autograph :-( However I didn't realise that I had a different cover from the ones you have. I got the CD through a good friend who bought it for me from John probably before it was available on John's site. I bought my friend the Hensley book in return just weeks before. I would love to get John's autograph so hopefully when John releases his new acoustic CD I can look into getting something done about that.
    Haha Boris, I could not think of anyone I would like better to cross swords with - en guarde :-)

    I kind of agree with BBH though that if I think another serious collector is bidding on Heep merchandise, I stay out of it. What bothers me is when it's resellers who bid, simply out there to make a profit. The problem is that ebay made changes and now you can't tell who is bidding, as they want to protect people's privacy I guesss.

    I can't figure out how to post a picture here, so you'll have to wait until I upload my pictures. My dedication reads exactly the same as Boris, and the picture on the CD is the same. The artwork on the sleeve (cover) is a boy and girl old photograph.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2009 edited
    I hope we will not cross swords again, no point in us causing each other unnecessary expenses;-)))
    After some time of ebay bidding's, I started recognize other people. Not once I passed on bidding on an item, when I saw someone I knew is a real Heep fan and collector.

    Yeah, the new ebay system will cause us some problems;-))) Privacy might be the official reason, but I guess they look for higher bids, as basically, without knowing against whom are you bidding, makes it difficult to have some kind of bidding strategy. This way they'll get higher end sale prices, and more profit for ebay/Paypal.

    I'm not sure how to post an image here. It is allowed in the defaults. I'll look at it, and let you know if I'll find away.
    BBH, since you live in the UK it should not be difficult to find John S doing one of his gigs, and I am sure he would be glad to sign. I try very hard not to be jealous of the people who live on the right continent :-( Alas, it was my decision a long time ago to move here so what can I say.

    I have to get very creative finding and obtaining signatures, so I don't have many, but I am pretty resourceful :-)
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    M&M how do you know if John is touring and when? Everytime I visit John's website it's always the same old news as last time. The gigs page still shows that gig at the Bedford which I managed record from the live stream about 2 years ago now.
    Oh, he does not call it "touring" but he plays gigs all the time in his area, most recently in a folk club in his area. I posted also on the Tit forum that with his new releases he will be playing again soon in a larger area to get the word out about his new CDs, but no doubt it got swallowed up by more "important" things there ...

    How do I know? Straight from the source, I simply e-mail him and ask. I am not sure why the detailed info is not out there on his site.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    Thanks, maybe I'll email John in person then. I'm not in a position to travel far but should John ever venture within 50 miles or so I would try my very best to see him.

    To keep this collector related I might just mention if he could signed the alternate 13 Storeys album I would gladly buy another copy. Got to keep adding to the collection.
    It started with a reissue of Demons And Wizards (see the story at my personal page). But I don't know, when I really started collecting Heep stuff. I think, it was a floating progress.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    No, Manfred, you became a Heepster on D&W, collecting came much, much later;-)))