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    The one item you desire, but don't have - can't find or can't afford?

    Mine is something signed by Gary Thain. A few years ago there was an item on ebay signed by Gary (as far as my research could tell it was authentic) but I was unemployed at the time and could not afford it.

    Since then, the only item I was able to find was an obivous fake - Gary's signature on the Abominog album - blasphemy I say!
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2009
    I guess my holy grail would be the Spice What About The Music/In Love 7in single. Have seen it only once on sale.
    I have a short list of top wanted, but I probably will never see them.

    Here's a follow up question, what would've been your top wanted bootleg? Again, I would love to hear a Spice gig. Even better, a video of Spice or Gods.
    Top wanted bootleg? Any recording of Gary when he was with New Nadir, or was it Last Nadir? Eh I can't remember, that is sad! I do remember from reading the Gary Thain book that they had a demo done with the label Witchseason, so there are tracks out there.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    I've been after the 1985 Equator Tour Programme for quite some time but never had any joy with bidding on ebay. It used to be a regular item but I haven't seen it for above 6 months now. I'll keep loooking and oneday it will appear again.

    As for bootlegs I would love to here or see anything from Lucifer's Friend, Shotgun and anything with Gary involved away from Heep.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    The first time I saw the Equator program was sometime in 97. A French guy, who was a cultural attache in the French embassy here in Israel, showed it to me, and even made scans of it, so I could put it on my old site. He was a big Heep fan, and was on the mailing list at the time. That's how we met. We met several times, while he was stationed here. He even had a Demon's and Wizards poster at home. Unfortunately, I lost contact with him.

    Don't know if there are any LF bootlegs. They were not a touring band. I did heard rumors of a Shotgun bootleg, but never seen it.
    I guess you should look for Keef Hartley bootlegs with Gary. There is one live cd, Not Fulish, Not Wise, thou it's an official cd, it sounds like a bootleg.

    I started to think that maybe we should have a My Wish List page on the site. So start making a list;-)))
    haha, my wishlist will be bigger than the list of things I do have! Thank goodness this site is not about 'mine is bigger than yours' :-)

    Back to KHB recordings: BBH, there are some rarities links on the Gary Thain site that might interest you.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    Thanks M&M. I have seen and played all the rarities on your wonderful site many times. One thing I noticed that I have from The Strangers that isn't listed on your site is a song called When I'm Gone. Could you shed any light about this song?
    Good question ...
    Of course the Spice 7inch, then Sonic Origami on vinyl (I still hope, that this will happen).
    There are so many Heep and related things, that it's hard to make a choice. To be honest: I want it all! ;-)
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    Ha, ha, I'd also love to get SO on vinyl. But the question is for real things, not virtual;-)))
    Thou, I saw a post on the mailing list, about plans to release SO on vinyl. I haven't seen anything about it anywhere else.
    There must be magic to this place or something! No sooner did I post I want something with Gary's signature, when not 24 hours later I was in the right place at the right time. To make a long story short, I am now holding an LP with not only Gary's signature, but David's as well. Oh, it took my emergency fund I had at home to do it, but ...

    Also, there was some drama involved with the delivery and it almost went to the wrong person (I live in an apartment complex) but I will spare you the boring details. I just had to wait an extra 18 hours to hold it in my hands. Yes, it was a long wait!

    So, perhaps everyone else's wish on here will come true as well :-)

    Now, I am off to think what will take the top of my wishlist next! (and take pics lol)

    PS: Iain, I have no info on that song you mentioned, sorry
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    Delighted you got that signed LP at last, you can relax now.

    That's OK about that song, I will email it you if you like, just let me know.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009
    Great, Rita!!!
    What LP is it? D&W? I remember I saw one, with Buy It Now, about a week or so ago.
    Yes, the D&W. I was concerned about what I thought was a low price for Gary's and David's signatures, but I did my research - plus I dealt with this seller before, and it all turned out okay.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    I'm not looking for signed stuff particularly. If it's something I want, and it's signed, OK;-)))
    BTW, for real collectors, signed stuff is less desirable, as it's considered as damage to the item. The item should be as close as possible to it's new, original condition;-)))
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    Told you I wasn't a real collector, I'd go for a substandard signed copy over a mint unsigned copy anyday of the week ;-))
    Well, since I never saw the band or met any of the members (and it's unlikely that I will) it's become an obsession of mine to collect at least one signature of each of the band members. A collection within a collection, so to speak ;-)
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    I have my share of signed stuff. But I don't need every little piece signed;-))) And something, which is signed personally for you, has more value to me, then something signed somewhere, sometime, for someone.
    I agree. I have managed a few personalized items by being in the right place at the right time online (see the John Sloman story which started it all). John Lawton simply asked if I would mind if he signed one of the items before he sent it. But in the case of members long gone of course that is not possible, nor is it possible for me to travel overseas right now to go get them.

    My NASCAR collection on the other hand (pardon for going off-topic for a bit) - every item there that I obtained signed has been signed in person by the drivers, and I usually have the picture to go with it. I am a good hunter :-)

    back on topic: top of the wishlist right now is anything related to New Nadir (if there is anything), and the singles by the Strangers and the Secrets.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2009
    Just got the Joe Boyd White Bicycles - making music in the 1960's CD. This contains one of The New Nadir tracks that were recorded by the band but never released. Haven't had time to play it yet as I've just got in from work to discover this behind the door.
    Yes, I know of it but haven't had a chance yet to get it. It seems easy enough to obtain so it's towards the bottom of my list right now, but I would be very interested to know what that track is like. So, fill us in when you do listen to it :-)