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    I hope I posted this in the right section.

    Here is a two part question:
    A: How do you store your Heep collectibles
    B: How do you wish you could store your items?

    I am mainly looking for ideas. Since joining this site it's went from simply: "Oh, I'll just take a look" to "well this can't hurt" to re-organizing my apartment! It's like an infectious disease ... I even had an idea of turning a whole wall into a giant corkboard, but since I am renting that won't work :-)
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Sadly my Heep collection is hidden away under the stairs, the main reason being that my family don't share my love of Heep and secondly it wouldn't look right in a family home with limited space. I do have the silver disc on display and Mick signed photo but apart from that it sits under the stairs.

    I would love to have a large display cabinet to perhaps display a few items fro the memorabilia side at the top. I could also store my CDs both official and bootleg in chronological order. If I did have a room to myself I would probably collect more on the poster and photo side of collecting, as it stands I can't see the point of having those when no one can see them. The only poster I've got was from the 2005 tour of which I went to one of the shows, hence buying that particular poster.

    BTW the giant corkboard sounds a pretty good idea to me.
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2009
    At the present, I have most of my items stored in several boxes, and the posters are kept in tubes. There are several things framed on the walls.
    In the future, when and if I get me a larger place, I have plans for a room arranged as a record store, with bins for all the LPs and CDs, and shelves/cabinets with glass doors (to avoid dust) to display some of the memorabilia. And bins for the rest of the stuff to be easily accessed and viewed. And also something to allow viewing of the posters. Maybe I'll even cover one wall with all Heep albums. And there are some more things that I want to frame and hang on the walls all over the place. Now, all I need is to stop talking about getting a new place, and do something about;-)))
    Unfortunately, glass doors don't eliminate all dust, I found that out. How it gets in there I don't know :-))

    I must say you all did an excellent job pulling stuff out of boxes and taking pictures, that must have taken some time. I really don't have a plan yet how to display my stuff, it's in boxes and on shelves for now.
    • CommentAuthorBBH
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2009
    As stated my collection is under the stairs and most of the CDs are kept in an old bookcase that was my daughters. They are in some sort of order so it wasn't that hard to sort out ready to take pictures. The hardest part was trying to get a decent photo, I can't blame the camera as I think it's just my unsteady hands that caused me problems ;-)

    BTW my wife has a collection of small crystals and displays them in a corner cabinet with glass doors and the dust gets in no problem at all.
    At the moment, most of my records are in a big metal rack and some in wooden boxes with small wheels. The posters, magazines and other stuff is in my cabinet. This cabinet (and also my writing desk) has been built by a brother of my grandma many years ago and has two wooden doors and one glas door. Unfortunatly, the space behind the glas door is occupied by my collection of VW beetle models ;-)
    The good thing on the rack is, that you have easy access to the records, but the disadvantage is the dust.
    I have 2 Heep posters on my wall in the living room.
    My biggest problem is, that I'm running out of space, as I'm collecting not only Heep stuff.
    One thing I always wanted to do is framing a couple of picture/coloured vinyls, but this has remained in the planning status for ages ;-)
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    I know that glass doors don't eliminate dust. But they reduce it significantly. BTW, there is a good way to eliminated dust, using an ionizer. I need to keep that in mind;-)))

    Iain, blame it on the camera, who's else fault could it be;-)))