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    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    Reading about Iain's wife crystals collection, and Manfred's beetles, raised an idea. What if we make pages for the other things we might collect? You can display that other stuff of yours. What do you think?
    Manfred, I'd love to see your beetles, hopefully in real, but you can give us at least a preview, till that happens.
    Personally, I don't really collect other things. I have a small collection of matchboxes, from various hotels, bars and restaurants, I've been to. And a small collection of Manchester United memorabilla. Does a 20 years collection of National Geographic magazine is considered as collecting;-)))
    Well, I used to collect Ryan Newman stuff (he is a race car driver). When he changed cars and teams (from number 12 to 39) I stopped collecting as I simply have only enough money to pursue one theme, and that is going to be Uriah Heep. I actually thought of selling all the NASCAR stuff (I have autographs of other drivers as well) and spend the money on Heep stuff, but that would mean going into the deep dark recesses of my closet and unpacking 6 huge boxes and taking pictures and all that. I also used to collect cats for about 15 years and have thousands of those, all packed away in my closet as well. Yes, I have large closets (but not a big apartment) ;-)

    I have moved so many times in my life collecting is not easy, as it means packing it all up when it's time to move again. So, that is why Heep is not displayed right now.
    I think, that we can add pics on our personal sites, if we want to.
    BTW, I also have a collection of hippos ;-) That started back in 1991, when I had to to my civil service abroad. Some friends gave me a big hippo as a buddy in the foreign area ;-))) Since then, I got a lot Hippos at birthdays or x-mas, from very, very small to quite hugh, wooden, plastic, plash ...
    • CommentAuthorbsmuheep
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2009
    Well, if anyone want's to put out something, feel free. But I suggest you finish your Heep collection first;-)))