Addicted to Heep - we want you!

Name of the game: is a network from fans for fans. You want to present your Heep-collection? You want to see, what other crazy addicts put together over the years? Shout it out and join us!

Real turned on:
after long years of dreams, we finally decided to let our hot persuasion come true. A collection of collections, one way of the heepy togetherness, another way of sharing our passion.

Across the miles:
we can hear the spell all over the world, it's a circle of hands when it comes to Heep. In real life and in the world wide web, it's not just an imagination.

Different world:
beeing a Heep fan and collector is our return to fantasy, our sea of light in the darkness of daily life, but it's not an illusion!

Wake the sleepers:
when you share our beautiful dream, wake up and set your sights, be part of this Heep collector's paradise!

Well, when a cannibal and a monster collaborate, it don't have to end necessarily in a dreammare (despite the fact, that it might be an overload of work). We were walking in the shadow of the idea of this joint venture for quite a while. Two Heep-addicted fools lost in the wonderworld of uncountable different records and items.

The idea is: everybody, who wants to join us, can present his personal Heep collection and contribute to an offical list of confirmed issues (as we own those issues, they are confirmed, right?). So this is a living and growing project and maybe some people feel a new rising need to go to their record shelfs, blow away the dust, just to take their treasures in their hands, to see and feel them again, to share them with us.

So don't be a stranger, join us for this new happy heepy adventure!

Boris the Cannibal & Manfred the Heepmonster