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The idea behind it all is to share our Heep collections with everyone. Not just provide a "dry" list, but display, visualize it.
So, if you are a Heep collector, please join us in this endevour!!!
Be warned, it's a lot of work. You might know how it starts, you can't know how it will end ;-)))

And we need help!!! If anyone has some webmastering knowledge and is willing to join us in making this site, please do!!! Hey, you'll get a "heepcollectors.net" email address as a bonus ;-)))

On a more global scale, we invision the site having links to all available Heep articles and reviews over the web. And links to all kinds of "collectors" sites and stores. Maybe there is someone out there who's willing to make that research for us and prepare a list of all the links.

And there might be some more ideas stored in for the future. It looks like it's going to be a lifelong project ;-)))
Anyway, most of us are already lifelong in Heep. So let's take it to the extreme, such a beautiful dream!!!

Boris the Cannibal & Manfred the Heepmonster

So, if you're interested to join the ride, just fill in the form below.

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Since January 7, 2009
(last updated: March 24, 2009)