May.  18, 12 - Well, it's been quite a while, since we updated this site, but now, we're back on the track. As keeping two websites up to date is far too much work, I decided to let heepmonsters heepfiles die slowly and spend my spare time on tuned! Manfred & Boris

Apr.  4, 10 - Lennaert Groot Wassink's Heep Museum open for visits.

Aug. 17, 09 - Mac Steagall's Heep Museum open for visits.

May. 19, 09 - Iain Barnes' Heep Museum open for visits.

May. 1, 09 - Welcome to our first female member Rita "MetalAndMore" Mishoe.  Watch this space for her collection soon.

Apr. 7, 09 - Welcome to new members Egil "Heepaholic" Bokn, Mac Steagall, Ron Mann, Iain Barnes, Staf Pypen and Mike Fredrick. Watch this space for their collections soon.

Apr.1,09 - Site official announcement.