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John Lawton -The 80's and 90's

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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Hardbeat Germany 1980 RCA   PL 30070    
LP Heartbeat USA 1980 RCA   AFL1 3904   Finally got it !! 
LP Rebel - Stargazer Germany 1982 OHR   OMM 560003   2 EA
LP Zar - From Welcome ..To Goodbye Germany 1993 IRS   IRS 942 286   Lim. Coloured vinyl 
7in Zar - Line Of Fire / Look In Your Eyes Germany 1990 Hurricane   HUR 001   P/S 
CD Heartbeat UK 2000 Red steel   RMC CD 9216   Signed JL w/ dedic 
CD Hard Beat Norway 2000 EHB   CD 2-001   w/6 Lawton bonustracks 
CD Gunhill - Nightheat UK 1995 Hi-hat   HHR 007   Promo, signed 
CD Rebel - Stargazer Norway 2000 EHB   EHB 003   w/ 8 Heep bonustracks 
CD Gunhill - Live In Germany UK 2000 GH promo   N/N   Gunhill promo signed 
CD Gunhill - One Over The Eight UK 2000 Heepster   HRCD 1001   Signed by band (2ea) 
Heepware Gunhill t-shirt              

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