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Uriah Heep - with David Byron
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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
CD Berlin Germany 29th Dec1970          
CD Neckarau Germany 14th Mar 1971          
CD Darmstadt Germany 15th Mar 1971          
CD Basel Switzerland 6th May 1971          
CD Zurich Switzerland 7th May 1971          
CD Konz Germany 26th Sept 1971          
CD San Bernardino USA 28th Jan 1972          
CD Columbia USA 27th Feb 1972          
CD Heidelberg Germany 5th Feb 1972          
CD Hamburg Germany 16th April 1972          
CD Youngstown USA 1st Mar 1972          
CD Munster Germany 3rd May 1972          
CD Germersheim Germany 21st May 1972          
CD San Francisco USA 24th Oct 1972          
CD Time Was Gysy Eyes Various 1972/73         Compilation
CD Copenhagen Denmark 31st Jan 1973          
CD Berlin Germany 21st Feb 1973          
CD Budoken Japan 16th Mar 1973          
CD Nagoya Japan 19th Mar 1973          
CD Osaka  Japan 20th Mar1973          
CD Osaka  Japan 21st Mar 1973          
CD Frankfurt Germany 14th Jun 1973          
CD London UK 5th Aug 1973          
CD Portland USA 19th Aug 1973          
CD Buffalo USA 25th Aug 1973          
CD Stockholm Sweden 17th May 1974          
CD Vienna Austria 17th Jun 1974          
CD Brisbane Australia 25th Nov 1974          
CD Rotterdam Holland 7th Jun 1975          
CD Paris France 9th Jun 1975          
CD Furth Germany 20th Jun 1975          
CD Wisconsin USA 24th Aug 1975          
CD New York City USA 3rd Sept 1975          
CD Preston UK 2nd Dec 1975          
CD Leicester UK 3rd Dec 1975          
CD Amsterdam Holland 17th Feb 1976          
CD Geleen Holland 7th Jun 1976          

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