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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
DVD Holstebro Denmark 1974          
DVD Don Kirshner's Rock              
DVD Birkelbach Germany 1984          
DVD Sofia Bulgaria 1985          
DVD Indianapolis USA 1986          
DVD Vienna Austria 1987          
DVD Berlin Germany 1987          
DVD Sao Paolo Brazil 1989          
DVD Rio De Janeiro Brazil 5th Jul 1989          
DVD Vienna Austria 18th Apr 1991          
DVD Poland Poland 14th Aug 1992          
DVD Bucharest Romania 11th Sept 1992          
DVD Seoul S Korea 18th July 1993          
DVD Berlin Germany 1994          
DVD Backstage ? 1994          
DVD Sea of Lawton Pt1 Vienna Austria 1st May 1995          
DVD Ginderich and Eschershauser Germany 1992, 1995          
DVD Sea of Lawton Pt2 Vacha Germany 6th May 1995          
DVD Rio De Janeiro Brazil 14th Sept 1995          
DVD Solingen Germany 1996          
DVD Koln Germany 27th Oct 1996          
DVD Barnaul Russia 1997          
DVD Oranienburg Germany 28th Jun 1998          
DVD Basel Switzerland 17th Nov 1999          
DVD Pratteln Switzerland 1999          
DVD Gerolzhofen Germany 16th Apr 2001          
DVD Israel Israel 2003          
DVD Mannheim Germany 2006          
DVD Huttwil Switzerland 8th Jul 2006          
DVD Broadstairs 1 song UK 13th Oct 2006          
DVD Bremen Germany 1st Dec 2006          
DVD Winterbach Germany 2007          
DVD Bayreuth Germany 2007          
DVD Nidrum Belgium 30th July 2007          
DVD Sevastopal Ukraine 21st Oct 2007          
DVD RTL TV appearance Germany 2008          
DVD Rottenburg Germany 24th July 2008          
DVD On TV and More              
CD Rom Strange Videos and More              
DVD Tales of Heeplore              

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