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Uriah Heep - with Bernie Shaw
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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
CD Berlin  Germany 11th Mar 1987          
CD Hamburg Germany 13th Mar 1987          
CD Bochum  Germany 15th Mar 1987          
CD Neumarkt  Germany 21st Mar 1987          
CD Vienna Austria 31st Mar 1987          
CD Zurich Switzerland 2nd Jun 1988          
CD Fraunfeld Switzerland 9th July 1988          
CD Reading  UK 27th Aug 1988          
CD Victoria Spain 11th Oct 1988          
CD Glasgow UK 30th Oct 1988          
CD London UK 6th Nov 1988          
CD Pforzeim Germany 23rd Dec 1988          
CD London UK 18th May 1989          
CD Neumarkt  Germany 9th Jun 1989          
CD Berlin Germany 12th Jun 1989          
CD Hamburg Germany 17th Jun 1989          
CD Frankfurt Germany 18th Jun 1989          
CD Rio De Janeiro Brazil 5th Jul 1989          
CD Sao Paulo Brazil 6th Jul 1989          
CD Sao Paulo Brazil 9th Jul 1989          
CD Mildenhall UK 5th Aug1989          
CD Zaragoza Spain 11th Nov 1989          
CD Leeds UK 22nd Nov 1989          
CD Munich Germany 8th May 1990          
CD Kirchheim  Germany 9th May 1990          
CD Dietzenbach  Germany 10th May 1990          
CD Roth Germany 12th May 1990          
CD Mannheim  Germany 22nd May 1990          
CD Chicago USA 19th Jun 1990          
CD Fort Madison USA 4th Jul 1990          
CD Hameenlina  Finland 28th Jul 1990          
CD Long Marston UK 11th Aug 1990          
CD Middlesboro UK 7th Mar 1991          
CD Hannover  Germany 28th Mar 1991          
CD Herxeim Germany 12th Apr 1991          
CD Graz Austria 17th Apr 1991          
CD Vienna Austria 18th Apr 1991          
CD Aalen Germany 20th Apr 1991          
CD Munich Germany 23rd Apr 1991          
CD Gent Belgium 5th May 1991          
CD Schoonebeek  Holland 30th Aug 1991          
CD Tokyo Japan 20th Sept 1991          
CD Berlin Germany 28th Feb 1992          
CD Aschaffenburg  Germany 2nd Mar 1992          
CD Lemelerveld Holland 13th Mar 1992          
CD Tilburg Holland 15th Mar 1992          
CD Isle of Man UK 8th Jun 1992          
CD Eschershausen  Germany 4th Jul 1992          
CD Warsaw Poland 14th Aug 1992          
CD Bucharest Hungary 11th Sept 1992          
CD Victoria Spain 18th Dec 1992          
CD Nuernberg Germany 10th Feb 1993          
CD Frankfurt Germany 11th Feb 1993          
CD Seoul S Korea 18th Jul 1993          
CD Toronto Canada 19th Nov 1993          
CD Kitchener Canada 20th Nov 1993          
CD Devon USA 27th Nov 1993          
CD Offenbach Germany 8th Dec 1993          
CD Furth Germany 9th Dec 1993          
CD Berlin Germany 3rd Jun 1994          
CD Goteborg Sweden 11th Jun 1994          
CD Bielefeld Germany 13th Jun 1994          
CD Kassel Germany 14th Jun 1994          
CD Saarbrucken Germany 16th Jun 1994          
CD Hamburg Germany 25th Jun 1994          
CD Seattle USA 16th Sept 1994          
CD Vancouver Canada 23rd Sept 1994          
CD Vienna Austria 1st May 1995          
CD Vacha Germany 6th May 1995          
CD Troisvierges  Luxembourg 8th Jul 1995          
CD Vessel Zelt Austria 15th Jul 1995          
CD Oslo Norway 27th Aug 1995          
CD Rio De Janeiro Brazil 14th Sept 1995          
CD Frankfurt Germany 21st Sept 1995          
CD Erlangen Germany 22nd Sept 1995          
CD Koln Germany 4th Oct 1995          
CD Betzdorf Germany 6th Oct 1995          
CD Solingen Germany 15th May 1996          
CD Moscow Russia 6th Jun 1996          
CD Madrid Spain 11th Oct 1996          
CD Nurnberg Germany 18th Oct 1996          
CD Saarbrucken Germany 19th Oct 1996          
CD Koln Germany 27th Oct 1996          
CD Berlin Germany 29th Oct 1996          
CD Oslo Denmark 11th Nov 1996          
CD Barnaul Russia 16th Mar 1997          
CD Athens Greece 4th Apr 1997          
CD Minsk  Belarus 8th Nov 1997          
CD Pratteln Switzerland 15th Nov 1997          
CD Nurnberg Germany 4th Dec 1997          
CD Stjordal Norway 4th Sept 1998          
CD Mestre Italy 6th Sept 1998          
CD London  UK 22nd Oct 1998          
CD Munich Germany 27th Oct 1998          
CD Ohringen Germany 28th Oct 1998          
CD Hamburg Germany 4th Nov 1998          
CD Nurnberg & Lichtenfelds Germany 11th Nov, 29th Oct 1998          
CD Deggendorf Germany 14th Nov 1998          
CD Milan Italy 28th Nov 1998          
CD Turku Finland 12th Feb 1999          
CD Tampere Finland 13th Feb 1999          
CD Norwich UK 10th Mar 1999          
CD Roselare Belgium 28th May 1999          
CD Hardenberg Holland 29th May 1999          
CD St Petersburg Russia 15th, 16th Jun 1999          
CD Athens Greece 5th Nov 1999          
CD Pratteln Switzerland 17th Nov 1999          
CD Arnstadt Germany 27th Nov 1999          
CD Munich Germany 30th Nov 1999          
CD Zaandam Holland 11th Feb 2000          
CD Vienna Austria 11th Jun 2000          
CD Dessel Belgium 25th Jun 2000          
CD Laax Switzerland 11th Aug 2000          
CD Leeds UK 20th Mar 2001          
CD Glasgow UK 21st Mar 2001          
CD Pratteln Switzerland 8th Apr 2001          
CD Gerolzhofen Germany 16th Apr 2001          
CD Rastatt Germany 17th Apr 2001          
CD Munich Germany 21st Apr 2001          
CD Mannheim  Germany 23rd Apr 2001          
CD Saarbrucken Germany 30th Apr 2001          
CD Tilburg Holland 8th May 2001          
CD Zaandam Holland 9th May 2001          
CD Kentucky USA 12th Jun 2001          
CD Indianapolis USA 13th Jun 2001          
CD Cleveland USA 21st Jun 2001          
CD Jaxx USA 22nd Jun 2001          
CD Pittsburgh USA 23rd Jun 2001          
CD Scranton USA 24th Jul 2001          
CD San Diego USA 11th Aug 2001          
CD Los Angeles USA 12th Aug 2001          
CD London UK 7th Dec 2001          
CD Saarbrucken Germany 16th Dec 2001          
CD Helmond Holland 22nd Dec 2001          
CD Zoetermeer Holland 26th May 2002          
CD Wiesen Austria 28th Jun 2002          
CD Brescia Italy 5th July 2002          
CD Annweiler  Germany 23rd Aug 2002          
CD Trenton Heepvention USA 5th Oct 2002          
CD London UK 29th Nov 2002          
CD London UK 30th Nov 2002          
CD Moscow Russia 26th May 2003          
CD Solvesburg Sweden 8th June 2003          
CD Waldstadt Germany 16th Aug 2003          
CD Helsinki Finland 21st Nov 2003          
CD Stockholm Sweden 24th Nov 2003          
CD Oslo Norway 25th Nov 2003          
CD Copenhagen Denmark 30th Nov 2003          
CD Hannover  Germany 3rd Dec 2003          
CD Saarburg Germany 5th Dec 2003          
CD Mannheim  Germany 7th Dec2003          
CD Tuttlingen Germany 13th Dec 2003          
CD Nurnberg Germany 16th Dec 2003          
CD Zoetermeer Holland 6th Feb 2004          
CD Budapest  Hungary 23rd Feb 2004          
CD Kaiserslautern  Germany 1st Jun 2004          
CD Useldeng  Luxembourg 26th Jun 2004          
CD Neumarkt  Germany 4th Aug 2004          
CD Wiesen Austria 6th Aug 2004          
CD Soest Germany 2nd Dec 2004          
CD Leipzig Germany 7th Dec 2004          
CD Berlin Germany 8th Dec 2004          
CD Bunde Germany 11th Dec 2004          
CD Berlin Germany 13th Dec 2004          
CD Regensburg Germany 12th May 2005          
CD Weert Holland 2nd Jul 2005          
CD Bristol UK 23rd Dec 2005          
CD Gothenburg Sweden 5th Dec 2005          
CD Lichtenvoorde Holland 10th Jun 2006          
CD Huttwil Switzerland 8th Jul 2006          
CD Seebronn Germany 29th Jul 2006          
CD Nidron Belgium 30th Jul 2006          
CD Munich Germany 27th Nov 2006          
CD Bremen Germany 1st Dec 2006          
CD Berlin Germany 4th Dec 2006          
CD Mannheim  Germany 6th Dec 2006          
CD Bamburg Germany 14th Dec 2006          

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